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Nebraska High School Rodeo Association


JOHN DEERE GATOR RAFFLE WINNER: Crystal Cover from Ashby, NE sold by Cassidy Rambat

$1500 CASH WINNER: Chris Greeley from Imperial, NE sold by Ava Smith

$750 CASH WINNER: Kit Painter from Springview, NE sold by Cinch Painter

$500 CASH WINNER:  Amber Jochem from St. Edward, NE sold by Brooke Brengelman

Rough Stock Safety Info



New Rule about safety vests from the National Office Safety Committee:

Vest must have padding in the chest and back area for protection. During the equipment check at both finals, if the vest does not have padding they will not be approved. This applies to state/province rodeos as well.

Reined Cow Horse patterns can be found in the back of the National Rule Book.

They can also be found on the NHSRA website.

We encourage our members to fill out both the Professional's Choice Student Athlete of the Month and Equine Athlete of the Month!!!

Great prizes awarded and scholarship opportunities!!!


Professional's Choice

Student Athlete of the Month


Professional's Choice

Equine Athlete of the Month

NE High School Rodeo Association

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The Board of Director's would like to stress the importance of being in Official Dress during the rodeo, this also includes the cuttings and mandatory check ins! Cowboy hat, cowboy boots, long sleeve western button down shirt(tucked in & sleeves rolled down), jeans and back number. This also includes anyone in the arena, no parents are allowed in the arena without official dress(excluding back number). Don't risk your child getting disqualified because you are not in official dress!!! This will be enforced!!!

Please see page 28 in the National Rulebook for exact rules.

***Attention Breakaway Ropers***

Please only take 1-2 pieces of string. There is no reason for you to take more!!!

Contact Info


Brandi Pokorny

83940 493rd Avenue

Bartlett NE 68622


Email: [email protected]

Contact Brandi in regards to anything related to

membership and/or sponsors, calendar sales, rodeo approvals, Rodeo News, and the website


Sara Hermelbracht

POB 157

Ewing, NE 68735


Email: [email protected]

Contact Sara in regards to entries, rodeo results,

standings, turn outs, med. releases, etc.

New Rule info



Parent Information

Parents & Contestants:

In the event that you are sending your contestant to the rodeo alone or with a friend, you need to be aware of the following consequences if your contestant is hurt. According to Nebraska Laws, if the ambulance is called upon to render aide to an injured contestant, the contestant CAN NOT refuse transport. They will, however, be treated under Implied Consent, then transported. Only a parent or LEGAL guardian can refuse transport, unless the contestant is an emancipated minor. The people that you send your son/daughter with, also, can not refuse care/transport once it has been initiated. So the bottom line is, if your contestant son/daughter is injured, and the ambulance is called, they will go to the hospital, unless YOU are there to sign a refusal.

Turn Out Info

  • You may only DRAW OUT of a rodeo before entries close. Any draw outs after this date is considered a TURN OUT. You must fill out the form on the entries page to DRAW OUT, TURN OUT, MEDICAL OR VET RELEASE out of EACH rodeo. If you draw out before entries close, entry fees will be refunded.
  • If you are TURNING OUT of a rodeo (after entries close), a $20.00 turn out fine/per event will be assessed, except in the team roping. See Team Roping rules.
  • If you are TURNING OUT because of a medical or vet release, the Central Entry Secretary and Rodeo Secretary must be notified 24 hours in advance of the start time of the rodeo. If notification is done 24 hours in advance, entry fees will be refunded and the $20.00 turnout fine will not be imposed. If the notification is after the 24 hour deadline and before 5 days after the turnout, the contestant does not get their fees back. After 5 days have passed and a medical or vet release has not been obtained by the Central Entry, a $20.00 fine will be assessed
  • A contestant may turn out due to a visible injury or illness that occurred the day of the rodeo, provided the judge has ruled this to be the situation. A judge’s visual release is only good for that day’s rodeo. The turn out fine of $20.00 will be waived in this situation, however, the entry fees will not be returned.
  • All medical or vet releases must be emailed ([email protected]), or mailed (Sara Hermelbracht, POB 157 Ewing, NE 68735), within 5 days of the turnout. Anything received after that date, will be considered a turn out and a $20.00 fine will be imposed. All medical or vet releases must be on a doctor/veterinarian letterhead and signed. Once a contestant competes in the event they released, the release is void.
  • Notification of fines will be sent to the following week’s Rodeo Secretaries, so the fines will have to be paid before competing at the next rodeo. Fines may be mailed to Sara Hermelbracht, POB 157 Ewing, NE 68735 or paid to the Rodeo Secretary. Please be sure you obtain a receipt if paying at the rodeo. This is your responsibility, not the Rodeo Secretary.
  • Once a contestant releases on a medical or visual release, in order to compete again, a doctor must give a release to compete again. This is in the National Rulebook. If you can not compete at the rodeos following the first one you released from, contact the Central Entry Secretary and Rodeo Secretaries ASAP so they do not order stock for you.

Breakaway Info


At all rodeos, breakaway string is provided by the student director, via III. Event Rules #5. String will be provided and will be inspected by designated official before each contestant competes. PLEASE be sure to use the string provided at the rodeos, it will be hanging around the chute box area, and be sure it is tied securely to your saddle horn. Be respectful, please take only 1-2 pieces of string! THANK YOU!